If you’re lucky enough to call Texas home, then you’re lucky enough. With oceansides, deserts, hilltop parks, lustrous lakes, and major metropolises, it’s safe to say we have it all. So, when it’s time to take your loved one by the hand and plan a romantic staycation, why look outside the great state of Texas?

North-central Texas is our favorite corner of this world. We chose to call it home many years ago and – even still – haven’t witnessed all it has to offer. A weekend getaway in our beautiful home state means less legwork getting there, a finer appreciation for the every day, and an overflow of memorable activities. Here are a few of the reasons why you should pack your bags and stay put.

Less Prep Work

You might say the planning stage is one of the most exciting portions of a vacation. We tend to agree. But, a weekend getaway in Texas comes with an ease of responsibility. Let’s consider everything that goes into a full-fledged, international trip.

You have to search around for the best deals on flights. Then, it’s time to scour the Airbnb or hotel scene. Of course, you have the actual travel itself. For a grand vacation, that’s (typically) not a hop, skip, and a jump. You might find yourself on a lengthy flight, followed by an arduous drive, before collapsing onto a bed to recover from jet lag.

Meanwhile, staycations come with a lot less juggling. You’re looking at minimal travel time and the ability to explore all the places to visit in Texas for couples. Personally, one of our favorite perks of a road trip is that we’re not restricted to luggage limits, bottle sizes, and carry-on regulations.

Weekends trips in Texas don’t require you to put on your professional travel agent cap. Rather, you can slip into your explorer pants, pack up the car with your favorite goodies, and enjoy the corner of the world you’ve decided to call home.

The Old Becomes New

Have you ever met someone with a true joie de vivre for their hometown in Texas? They know all the local sights. They wax philosophically on its colorful history and, ultimately, inspire us to embrace our own hometowns.

The only way to make a conscious decision to embrace Texas is to go out there and see what it has to offer. Whether you’ve lived in Arlington for thirty years or three, there’s always something new to explore.

Great Attractions in North Central Texas

Right here in Arlington, we’re an urban oasis with greenscapes, symphonies, and art museums that would make Van Gogh smile. Pack a new journal, load up on some snacks, and see what you’ve been missing in the everyday hustle and bustle. Here’s are some things that will make the old feel new and allow you to look at north-central Texas with a new perspective.

The Outdoors: River Legacy Park

If you live in the area, this one isn’t a surprise. But, have you ever taken time to fully explore River Legacy Park’s 1,300 acres? It sits pretty in North Arlington with endless hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and wonderful, native fauna.

Picnic baskets all but spell romance. Why not pack up your favorite goodies from the house and create a wonderful memory by holding hands, walking the trails, and choosing a secluded section of River Legacy to reconnect?

The Indoors: Art Walk

After you’ve picnicked to your hearts’ delight, toss the basket in the car and indulge in your love of art together. Arlington has a fantastic selection of museums and art galleries. Here are some of our favorites:

The All-Inclusive: B&B Hideaway

If you make historic downtown Arlington your staycation home base, then you’ll enjoy walking access to several options, including parks, museums, and shops. This allows you to enjoy rest and relaxation without the demands of work, commuting, parenting, or home responsibilities.

In that case, plan for mornings that don’t begin with an alarm clock, breakfast bites under the covers, champagne toasts in the moonlight, and dinner that doesn’t require a battle for a parking space.

The simple act of sleeping on plush sheets you didn’t launder and dining on gourmet food you didn’t cook can transport us a world away. Here at The Sanford House, you can reserve your own villa overlooking our courtyard while you allow rest and relaxation to seep through your body.

Make a massage your only responsibility for the day. Make your wine selection the most difficult decision of the day. Feel your muscles relax as you soak in a private hot tub. A B&B hideaway allows you to unplug and unwind, all with the ease that comes from a simple car ride to paradise.

Start Planning a Romantic Staycation Today

With an ease of planning, a conscientious embrace for your hometown, and nothing but R&R on your agenda, you can start planning a romantic staycation right here in Arlington today. What’s holding you back?

Here at the Sanford House, we have two villas, four cottages, four rooms in our manor house, and two rooms in our carriage house for you to choose from. Be as secluded as you’d like on the property, even though you’re walking distance to everything historic downtown has to offer.

Spend a morning in our spa and an evening in Restaurant 506, right in our Manor House. Let us cater to you for all the days you spend catering to your loved ones. Take your partner by the hand and choose to stay right here in Texas for your next romantic getaway. We promise the memories will last a lifetime.