From exploring Six Flags Amusement Park to the Arlington Art Museum to the nightlife and craft breweries, there’s a lot to see and do in Arlington, Texas. 

After you’ve spent some time exploring this great city, you’re undoubtedly going to work up an appetite. 

But, with so many restaurants to choose from, where should you eat in Arlington, Texas?

If you’re looking for a great brunch spot, we’ve got you covered. Check out this guide to learn about the restaurants with the best brunch in Arlington, TX. 

1. Restaurant 506 at the Sanford House 

Toted as one of the best brunch spots in the country by OpenTable, Restaurant 506 at the Sanford House is a must-visit when you’re in Arlington. 

This restaurant offers fresh American cuisine as well as some classic Southern staples like creole biscuits and gravy and chicken and waffles

They also offer some interesting twists on the classic American breakfast, such as the crab cake benedict and the pulled pork benedict. 

Wash your meal down with a refreshing mimosa or a Bloody Mary, and you’ll be one happy camper. 

2. Marquez Bakery 

If you’re looking for some authentic Tex Mex breakfast, then look no further than the Marquez Bakery. 

Set in an unassuming little building near the AT&T Stadium, this restaurant is a lot more than meets the eye. Marquez Bakery offers some of the tastiest and spiciest breakfast in town. 

Some favorites include the huevos rancheros, homemade cakes, and Menudo (a traditional Mexican beef stew). 

3. Tom’s Burgers and Grill 

For those on the hunt for an authentic 50’s style breakfast diner, Tom’s Burgers and Grill is the place to go. 

Here you’ll find some traditional Arlington breakfast favorites such as breakfast quesadillas and breakfast burritos. However, the star dish here is the fried chicken, which is made from a unique potato chip batter that’s topped with gravy. 

Breakfast is served all day in this restaurant, and even though the place doesn’t have a liquor license, if you ask, your server will hook you up with a free beer or a glass of wine. 

4. Jay Jay Cafe 

If your idea of a great brunch spot is one that makes you feel like you’re eating at your Grandma’s, then you’re going to love Jay Jay Cafe. 

This is a hometown diner-dive that attracts many regulars whom the waitstaff know by name. 

For breakfast, we recommend the Mexican scramble, fried chicken, or breakfast sampler. And, make sure you save some room for a delicious piece of pie. While you can’t go wrong with any pie you choose here, some of the best ones to try include the cherry pie, key lime pie, and the lemon pie. 

5. La Madeleine 

If you’ve had your fill of Tex Mex food and are searching for some other type of cuisine, then La Madeleine is the brunch spot for you. 

This offers French breakfast classics such as quiche, omelets, crepes, and croissants. 

La Madeleine is also quite famous for its bakery, with some of the best items being the caramel creme brulee, goat cheese and bacon croissant square, and the Linzer cookie. And of course, this restaurant also offers some of the best coffee and espresso in town. 

6. Mac’s American Bar and Grill 

Mac’s American Bar and Grill focuses on doing the breakfast staples right. 

Here you’ll eat some of the city’s best egg’s benedict and omelets. And, the fresh fruit bar and warm sweet rolls make this brunch even better. 

Mac’s American Bar and Grill also has a steakhouse that prepares a Texas breakfast specialty called Migas. Migas are made of fried corn tortillas that are topped with eggs, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and jalapenos. 

7. Sabor Latino 

If you love Latin American food but are looking to try something other than traditional Mexican or Tex Mex, then look no further than Sabor Latino. 

Sabor Latino is Arlington’s only Colombian breakfast spot. And, for how good the food is, it’s clear that the city doesn’t need another. 

One of the best dishes to try here is the Bandeja Paisa, which is made of rice, beans, arepas (potato pancakes), fried pork, sausage, plantains, and eggs. Empanadas served with plantains and cilantro sauce is another excellent option. 

And of course, you need to wash it all down with some fresh papaya juice, pineapple juice, or passion fruit juice. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, then opt for a big cup of Colombian coffee. 

The breakfast options at Sabor Latino are easy on your wallet and will keep you full all day, making this one of the best brunch spots for those who are looking for a great bang for their buck. 

8. Rio Mambo 

If the phrase “bottomless mimosas” is music to your ears, then you need to head to Rio Mambo for brunch. 

For just $13, you can opt for a 3-course breakfast meal with bottomless mimosas. Or, you can choose your own breakfast entree. Some of the best options include huevos con barbacoa, migas, and huevos rancheros. 

Are You Ready for the Best Brunch in Arlington, TX? 

As you can see, there are a lot of great brunch options in Arlington, Texas. 

Which restaurant do you think offers the best brunch in Arlington, TX? Comment below!

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