Are you getting married in a year or so? Then chances are, you and your partner are starting to build a wedding checklist. You may be writing down names on your guest list.

Or you may even be sketching a design for your wedding gown. With so many areas you need to cover, finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the first ones you need to work on early.

A lot of things can happen between today and your wedding day. Sometimes, unforeseen events alter your plans. Thus, the importance of planning early is a must.

But before you choose a venue, there are key factors you must first consider. Continue reading below as we discuss some of the most important elements you need to keep in mind when searching for the right venue.

The Need to Prepare Early 

As we mentioned earlier, unexpected events happen. They can sometimes be as serious as a coronavirus outbreak, which will force you to alter your plans. Family emergencies may also force you to touch your wedding budget.

When it comes to your wedding venue, planning ahead of time is also a must. You need to align the date of your wedding with the venue’s availability.  You also need to arrange concessionaires and prep them regarding the date and location of the venue.

The earlier you start working out your venue, the fewer hiccups you will encounter along the way.

What’s In an Ideal Wedding Venue?

When it comes to your venue preparation, you need to consider some important factors before making your final decision. If you’re wondering what makes an ideal wedding venue, take a look at these key elements below:

1. Ample Space

The right venue must have enough space for everyone attending the event. This covers not only your relatives and guests but also the people on the sidelines. These are your caterers, photographers, photo booth operators, and technicians.

Before searching for a venue, you must first have a ballpark figure of your total number of guests. This will serve as your guide in choosing a venue with enough capacity to seat everyone.

When visiting potential venues, get a feel of the space. Do you like the mood and vibe it emits? Do you think your theme will match its elements?

2. Fits Your Budget

Apart from ensuring the venue fits everyone, it must also match your budget. Determine your budget early on before scouting for a venue. This will save you time and resources and you can trim down your shortlist faster.

The key is to break down your budget by category. This will help you see which areas you need to prioritize aside from your venue. This will also enable you to make adjustments in case you want a venue that is a little bit above your budget.

3. Location

Another important factor is the location. In case you want a destination wedding, expect the number of attendees to dwindle. Surveys revealed that a third of Americans shy away from destination weddings.

But if you want something that is within your area, you need to consider where most of your guests are coming from. You need to ensure the venue’s accessibility.

Moreover, if the location of the ceremony is separate from the reception, you need to provide clear directions for all the guests. Hence, it is advisable to pick venues that are relatively close to each other.

4. Excellent Lighting

Part of a great location is excellent lighting. Not only does proper lighting ensure everyone appears clear in the pictures, but it also helps make the theme and setup stand out.

Proper lighting also helps set the mood. It also keeps everyone safe when moving around the venue especially if you choose to go for an outdoor setting.

5. Freebies and True Cost

You also need to ask about the freebies that come with booking the venue. You need to know the venue’s true cost. The venue’s true cost is the amount of the venue plus rentals for in-house items.

Examples of these items are chairs, tables, and linens, to name a few.

Thus, you need to ask what amenities come with the venue. Do they come with chairs and tables or do you need to outsource them?

Do they offer in-house catering or do you need to bring an outside caterer?

6. Ease in Decorating

The wedding is the most important day for any bride. It is also the culmination of several months of preparation and the realization of the theme that she wants. Thus, you need to pick a venue that offers ease of decoration.

You want a venue where you can incorporate all the elements that you want. But if you’re on a tight budget, stick to a venue that does not require a lot of decorating but still looks elegant. An outdoor facility can provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for your wedding.

7. Enough Parking Space

You also want to secure a venue that comes with enough parking space for everyone. If the place doesn’t offer a huge parking space, it must have an alternative parking area that is close to the venue.

Your guests will not be happy if they need to walk several meters from the parking to get to your reception.

8. Accommodations Nearby

Apart from ample parking space, go for a venue that is close to hotels and similar facilities. This is important especially if you have relatives who live far and are too old to travel for several hours.

Also, you can rent a room a day before the wedding so you will no longer need to travel on the wedding day. You can even do your photoshoots in the hotel.

Additionally, you and your spouse can use the room and stay overnight after the wedding.

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Finding a wedding venue early will save you money. It will also buy you more time to make additional arrangements and other key adjustments. If you have yet to find a venue for your wedding, then you came to the right place.

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